With Summer Come the Ants

Got Ants?

Low cost and environmentally friendly solution! 

Summer has arrived and so have the ants! These days we are more cautious about using pesticides / poisonous chemicals to get rid of unwanted pests.

Ants can cause extensive damage to a home causing thousands of dollars in repairs. Now is the time to walk around the exterior and interior of your home to check for ants and/or ant filings. Ant filings look like very fine sawdust in small piles and are usually the result of ant damage to the wood in your home. If you notice ant filings, you should consult a professional.

Two options to avoid chemicals are to use powdered cinnamon or corn meal to get rid of ants. These items can be purchased in bulk.

Sprinkle generous amounts in the areas of concern.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy an ant-free summer!

For more information on carpenter ants and the damage they can do, visit the Government of Canada website which includes tips on ant-control.