Get A Jump On Spring Lawn Care

Want a Healthier Lawn This Spring

A little extra time in the fall with lawn maintenance will reap benefits in the Spring with a thicker, healthier lawn.

By providing water, nutrients and aeration in the Fall, you strengthen the root systems and provide it with the necessary components to support it during our long Canadian winters, so your lawn will be quicker to bounce back in the Spring. Roots can suffocate without good aeration. Aeration  reduces compaction, prevents run-off and allows water, air and nutrients access to the root system...


  • It is important to continue cutting your lawn until it stops growing in October or early November. The mower height should be set at 3”.
  • If there isn’t enough rainfall, remember to water your lawn so that there is a moisture reserve and healthy grass going on to the winter.
  • Now is a good time to apply a winter prep fertilizer.
  • At the end of the warm summer weather, many weeds die off, leaving room for new grass. Is the grass is thick enough, it tends to provide less area for competing weeds.
  • Reseed any areas that may be damaged or thin. Rake the area lightly to remove any debris and after applying the seed, make sure that it is pressed firmly into the ground.
  • Remove a test plug to see if you need to aerate your lawn and measure the partially decomposed matter that can build up between the bottom of your grass and the surface of the soil below. If it’s more than half an inch you should probably aerate your lawn