Don't Fall Behind, Be Ready for Winter!

Some Tips to Help you Prepare for Winter

Once the leaves are off the trees it is a good idea to clean the eavestrough, downspouts, gutters and valleys as melting snow in winter months can result in ice dams and unnecessary weight in the eavestrough which cannot drain properly.

When you are outside cleaning your eavestroughs it is also a good time to take a quick look at any trees on your property. Look to see if any limbs are brushing up against your house or are in contact / close proximity with your power or telephone lines. Winter storms are coming and damage can occur as result of high winds or snow-laden boughs. Appropriate trimming by a licensed arborist now may save you considerable inconvenience this winter. Also look for trees that are leaning and may come down on a power line and contact the utility company for removal.

Contributed by Ed Wendt, Home Inspector
Canadian Residential Inspection Services, High River, Alberta