New Construction Inspection

New Construction Home Inspection

Many homebuyers feel if they are purchasing a newly constructed home, it doesn’t require a home inspection. It is true that everything in the home is brand new and has possibly been built to your own specifications, so you may be wondering why an inspection would be required...

When a homebuyer purchases a newly constructed home they are under the expectation that it would not have the issues that an older home might and while they would have new wiring, plumbing etc and should be ‘built to code’ it is important to remember that builders often have many subcontractors coming in to do work and their craftsmanship and diligence can vary. Builders are also most often rushing to get the job complete so they can move on to the next one and simply make mistakes. 

A newly constructed home can have incorrectly applied siding or gaps and cracks in areas that should be sealed. These may allow water to penetrate materials behind the siding. Grading and proper drainage should also be evaluated. There may also be issues with the materials inside the home; we have found bathroom fans vented into the attic, ductwork not complete and many other mistakes or corner cutting measures. You want these issues found prior to the change of hands so the builder can correct or complete before you move in.

New homes built by licensed builders should carry a New Home Warranty which is great if the items are noticed in time to take advantage of the coverage, but the process of application is still a hassle along with the inconvenience of having repair crews come to the property to deal with the issues and any resulting damage, after you’ve moved in. You may also have a builder trying to reassure you that a home inspection isn’t required because you have the warranty but if a builder is resistant to having a home inspector come in, that is worth noting. A competent and trustworthy builder would have no issue having a home inspector inspect their work.

Finally, once you’ve had your home inspection and moved in, set a reminder to let you know about a month before your warranty coverage expires. Contact your Canadian Residential home inspector to schedule an Expiring Home Warranty Inspection to ensure any problems are corrected before they become your problem.