Spring Home Maintenance Tip for your Roof

Spring Roof Check

Inspect for wind, snow, or ice damage. Check to see that the roof shingles are secure, tightly fastened and in good condition. If any of the shingles are loose, repair with asphalt roofing cement. If they are damaged or missing, replacement will be necessary and may require professional help.

Inspect the flashing around the chimney, plumbing vent stacks, electrical masts, and in valleys where roofing sections meet. Repair or re-flash if the flashing has deteriorated.

SAFETY NOTICE - Homeowners often want to perform maintenance themselves to save money. It is important to keep in mind that there are many areas of home maintenance that are best left to professionals. For example, electrical work, entering an attic, or climbing on roofs and ladders to name a few of the hazardous activities. It is better to take the safe choice if there is any question as to the ability of the homeowner to perform any maintenance task.