Keeping Your Home Cool

We expect as the summer heat hits, keeping cool will be a number one priority.

You could consider adding a power vent to your attic. When set up properly, a power vent sucks the hot air out of your attic and replaces it with cooler exterior air. This is extremely effective and cost efficient, costing much less to purchase and operate compared to an Air Conditioner. If you already have an AC unit, the power vent can significantly reduce its use, saving on your power bill and extending the life of your AC unit.

Having the power vent professionally installed by a knowledgeable ventilation specialist is a must. It is critical that the vent is placed at the peak of your roof and that it draws air from either soffit vents or roof vents installed lower down near the soffits. Other vents near the peak of the roof should be blocked allowing the power vent to move all the hot air in your attic and not just suck air from other vents along the peak.

Keep your air conditioner running smoothly by changing out filters once a month while you are running the appliance.

Annual maintenance could double the life of the compressor. You should also schedule an AC tune-up now to inspect refrigerant levels, which keeps the air cool and your electric bills low; ensure the fan is functioning well, and clean the coils thoroughly. The technician will also ensure there are no potential fire hazards with faulty wiring.

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