Hiring a Contractor

A Few Tips on How to Hire a Contractor or Sub Contractor (for jobs over $1000)

Receiving quotes to have a job done is very time consuming, but it is also very important. So plan ahead. Try not to be rushed into having a job done because you waited until it had to be done, and end up going with the first or only company who gave you an estimate. 
It is important to plan or budget for any major expense items rather than being forced into an emergency repair or replacement. 
1. You should always get 3 written quotes. 
2. Be sure the quote states exactly what the company is willing to do, and how much this will cost you. You should ask about extras. If there is any possible chance they might arise, how much will they be? Again, get this in writing. 
3. Ask for a written list of all material the contractor will be using on your job. This list should state the quantity, quality, sizes, & brand names if any, of everything needed to complete the job. 
4. Find out how long each quote is good for. 
5. Ask how long the job will take. The starting & completion dates should be in writing with an allowance for bad weather & complications due to changes etc. 
6. Ask who is responsible for cleaning up and whether it is included in the price. 
7. You might ask to see a job the contractor recently completed, to be sure he does the same quality job that you are expecting. 
8. You might want to choose the cheapest price, however that may or may not be the best deal. Before choosing check over the estimates to see who is giving you the most for your hard earned dollar. Make your decision after meeting the people you feel are going to do the best job for you. 
9. It is not uncommon or unreasonable on large jobs to keep a hold back of 30% of the total cost of the job for 30 to 45 days to make sure you are totally satisfied. 
Now remember: the sweet taste of a cheap price doesn’t last nearly as long as a poor job.
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