Don't Forget to Clean and Change Your Filters

Fall - Filter Changes

This is a good time of year to clean and replace filters in your home. 
Dryer Vents: Clean your outside dryer vents. Check the vent while the dryer is running to ensure air is flowing freely. If lint is allowed to clog the vent the dryer will have to work harder to dry the clothing, raising energy costs and it can also become a fire hazard. Ensure all dryer vents are metal not plastic. 
Furnace Filters: Improve your indoor air quality by changing the furnace filters. Ideally, you should change the filters every three months during the heating season, more often if you have pets. Maintaining a good airflow will keep your furnace from working harder, saving you money. 
HRV/ERV: Following the manufactures instructions, unplug your Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) to remove, vacuum, and wash the filters every two months. Some older models have replaceable filters. Run some water slowly through the drain hose to ensure it is flowing freely. Go outside and remove any debris blocking the intake and outtake vents. CMHC has an in-depth article on cleaning your HRV ( ). 
Also take note there is an important safety recall on some models of HRV, see more information( )
Unhook garden hoses from spigots, drain and store in a garage or shed.  This will prevent damage to the hose, keep outside faucets from freezing and bursting and it will allow freeze-proof faucets to drain.

September 2015
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