Cleaning Your Heat Recovery Ventilator

Tips for Cleaning Your HRV

To keep your HRV working at peak performance, it should be cleaned twice a year in spring and fall. Turn off the HRV and unplug it. Open and clean inside the machine. Remove and clean or replace, the filters. Check to see if your HRV has a condensate drain — a pipe or plastic tube coming out of the bottom. If so, slowly pour about two litres of warm, clean water in each drain pan inside the HRV to make sure it is flowing freely.

Next, go to the exterior of the house where the intake and exhaust vents are located. These vents have screens which must be cleaned, especially the intake vent which is most commonly clogged with insects and debris. Remove and inspect the vents and vacuum out the ducts. Making sure these vents are clear will ensure the air in your home is healthy for your family and allow your air exchanger to work more efficiently. It is also a good idea in winter to check that the vents are clear of snow or ice buildup.