Avoiding Power Outages

Check Your Power Lines

As we move into storm season, we are concerned with potential power outages. In Canada a loss of power can be serious in freezing temperatures. The heavy overhead power lines coming into our homes carry enough power to run and heat the building with all of its appliances and equipment. That is a dangerous amount of power if there is a malfunction.

Now is the time to walk around the outside of your property and inspect the lines coming into your house. If you notice a tree limb in contact with your service wire, you should call your service provider immediately. 
The extra weight of wet snow on the limb may be enough to break the connection, leaving a live wire down. Or the ongoing movement of the tree limb against the wire may wear off the protective covering which may result in shock or electrocutions.
Do not place yourself at risk. Leave it to the professionals with the proper tools and training.