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We are expanding our home inspection franchise operations throughout Canada, delivering high quality inspection services through dynamic training, strategic marketing and a superior reporting system for our franchisees.


Our training program allows you to knowledgeably and confidently approach this industry and make your mark. Training is the foundation of your future as a home inspector and ensures that you develop on-going referrals from previously satisfied clients and their professionals.


Canadian Residential Inspection Services is committed to helping our franchisees succeed and to awarding a Franchise Territory to the best suited applicant to ensure a strong Franchise Team across Canada. The success of each individual franchise is of prime importance to this company.


Our detailed, comprehensive reporting system is an essential part of the home inspection process. The reporting format is designed so that clients receive and pay for the report on site immediately upon completion of the inspection. This eliminates accounts receivable and costly delays.

Why Canadian Residential Inspection Services?

The backbone of the company's 30 + years of success is our comprehensive, user-friendly inspection report and the extensive training linked to it.

Innovative Tools and Reporting    

Our State-of-the-Art Electronic Reporting System

Canadian Residential Inspection Services Ltd. has developed and copyrighted, our amazing electronic reporting system and it is available for use only by CRIS inspectors! We can honestly say that they are in love with this system!

The system starts by handling booking appointments, ensuring you don't double book, and reminding you when the appointment is due. When the inspection starts, as the inspector you need only follow the easy format presented to you that ensures no aspect of the inspection is overlooked.

When the inspection is complete, the report is essentially written for you including photos and recommendations and provided to the customer on the spot - no wait time, which is especially important to clients and realtors alike during a real estate transaction. The system then takes it one step further by handling your bookkeeping for you - issuing invoices and receipts and tallying transactions. It even tracks marketing results and maintains a database for future marketing.

There really isn't much more we could have made this system do and we are very proud of the finished product. That being said, we know this is an ever-changing industry and we constructed this reporting system to be a completely flexible product, capable of being updated easily when required.

A couple of comments from our inspectors on using the system for the first time:

I think it is a great system! Having well thought out and properly worded comments will be great. Sometimes the hardest thing is to describe exactly how the issue should be resolved or how a properly functioning system looks. Excited about the new report!" ~ Joel Rollefstad, RHI - SW Calgary, AB

"The new application is absolutely fantastic. The app itself is simple, user-friendly, intuitive, and covers many areas that before, we could not make clear to our clients. With the integration of pictures, the use of an iPad, and overall clients retrieving the report from a web driven server just increases our professionalism at Canadian Residential - well done!!" ~ Andrew Buchanan, Dartmouth, NS

Expert Guidance   

Our Comprehensive Training Program.

Our training program allows you to knowledgeably and confidently approach the home inspection industry and make your mark. Training is the foundation of your future as a home inspector and ensures that you develop on-going referrals from previously satisfied clients and their professionals. We utilize our own staff as well as outside specialists to provide you with a thorough and concrete understanding of the techniques of a home inspection.

Academic Training

The first part is a distance educational package which will be sent to you. You can sit in the comfort of your own home and study the material while you write tests online. You can expect this portion of the training to take 250-300 hours and takes most people anywhere from 2 - 4 months to complete. The amount of time is dependant on two things, how quickly you are absorbing what you are reading; and how much time you have to devote to your studies. There is a great deal of material to cover and we recommend you have at minimum of a Grade 12 education but don`t worry, there are tutors standing by to assist you if you run into trouble. Once you complete the academic program we will arrange a proctured exam for you to take place in a school that is local to you. The exam will cover all of the material you learned. It is a closed book exam and takes approximately 4 hours.

Practical Training

The final portion of your training involves one-on-one, practical training in the field in Edmonton, Alberta. You will be accompanying our instructors on actual home inspections learning everything from how to answer the phone to how to present the completed report. Your instructors will focus a portion of the training on marketing techniques. The inspectors you will be working with have been in business several years and know exactly what it takes to be successful. They will provide you with a depth of knowledge you can`t gain from any book.

Work From Home

On Going Support

Comprehensive Training

Company Name & Logo


Richard Zyp

"Building a business from scratch is tough. Having someone give you the benefit of their 20 years of experience is invaluable. Learning how to avoid the pitfalls of starting up a new business is what Canadian Residential Inspection Services did for me," says Richard Zyp. Richard is a franchisee of Canadian Residential in St. Albert and Edmonton, Alberta. "One of the first things that drew me to the company was the name itself. I am very happy to be working with a homegrown company, in which none of the earnings leave the country," he explains.

Alex Cruz

"There are a lot of business opportunities available but when I started to look closely at what is actually involved in getting started & becoming successful (time, money, education, return on investment), the opportunity presented by Canadian Residential Inspection Services made the most sense to me," says Alex Cruz. Alex purchased his franchise in Calgary Southeast. He has a business degree and previously worked as a business solutions specialist. He tells us, "Like anything in life, you get out of it what you put into it - this business has certainly given a lot back to me. It allows me to work in a positive environment and meet great people. It's very rewarding."

James Kane

I own the Canadian Residential Inspection Services Franchise for the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia. Buying this franchise was one of the best business choices I have made to this point in life. The company makes sure you receive the proper training and continues to be available for ongoing support. It was a great change in lifestyle for me because I am in charge of my own schedule and the financial rewards are great. This is a great franchise to be involved in and the start up costs and fees are much less than most other inspection franchises.

Clair Warren

Joining the Canadian Residential team has been a very rewarding experience both personally and professionally. The company training program, marketing strategies and advertising material more than prepare you to be successful in the Home Inspection Industry. The service I receive from head office is always prompt and courteous and they are open to discuss ideas and willing to implement changes that benefit the organization The reporting software they have developed is industry leading. I have received nothing but compliments from my clients on the report's format. It is laid out in a way that makes sense when reviewing and provides them with an easy to understand inspection report.


The Home Inspection Industry

The home inspection business is a fast-paced, expanding industry with huge growth potential. Statistics show that 90 per cent of all home sales now include a home inspection. A pre-purchase home inspection is a visual inspection of the accessible internal and external aspects of the property. This includes systems such as surface grading and drainage, roofing, insulation, ventilation, chimneys, exterior siding, windows and doors, structural integrity, foundation, electrical and plumbing.

Canadian Residential was developed in the 80's at a time when home inspection was an emerging industry with the founder personally having operated his own successful home inspection company for over two decades. This hands-on knowledge of the industry was critical for the development of the Franchise system and protocols. While developing the CRIS system, he was able to observe how it functioned in the real world of home inspections. As the needs and expectations of the public changed over the years and technology advanced, our system has stayed one step ahead.

Canadian Residential Inspection Services Ltd. (CRIS)

CRIS Ltd. is a wholly Canadian owned and managed company. Founded in 1988 to address the growing market demand for effective, high-quality inspection services for homebuyers throughout Canada. Through strategic marketing, dynamic training and a network of carefully selected franchise partners, our hard work, attention to detail and commitment to providing an unbeatable, top-quality service, has built our company into a leader in the home inspection field. We now have franchisees all across Canada from coast to coast. Home inspection is the sole focus of our business. CRIS offers comprehensive detailed inspections on all types of residential properties.

We are committed to helping our franchisees succeed and to awarding an exclusive Franchise Territory to the best suited applicant to ensure a strong Franchise Team across Canada. The success of each individual franchise is of prime importance to this company.

CRIS was one of the first home inspection companies in Canada to receive national accreditation for its training of home inspectors. Training is focused on defect recognition, highlighting the subtle clues inspectors should look for to identify flaws. The backbone of the company's 30+ years of success is our comprehensive, user-friendly inspection report and the extensive training linked to it.

CRIS understands that the needs of the homebuyer are diverse and a good home inspector has to be sensitive to the different requirements of each client. CRIS inspectors are all highly trained and help clients gather the information they require to make an informed decision. The inspection gives clients the knowledge and the understanding to feel confident making this important purchase.

Our training is accredited by the National Home Inspectors Certification Council and government bodies where home inspection licensing is required.

All across Canada friends tell friends about us...

Photos included are of contest winners in our "Win Your inspection Free" contest. A new winner is drawn every month! We've given away over $50,000 so far!

Eddie was very professional as well as personable. He explained the details of the report and did a thorough job. We are planning on selling our home and arranged for this inspection just to give us peace of mind that there was no issues with our house that would hinder the sale. The inspector did a thorough job and his report gave us confidence that our home does not require anything other than a few minor items to be addressed. Thank you for a job well done. ~ Colin H

The friendliness of the inspector, his dress and deportment, his thoroughness of the house, and explanations of his findings was so very much appreciated. I had to cancel twice and Rob was so understanding and kind when I finally did get him to inspect the house meant for me. He accommodated my short notice and was even early to do the job. Well done!! Highly recommend this company to any future home owners. ~ Pamela D

Your inspector was so thorough and detail-oriented. He took the time needed to inspect the home and provided a clear, full report. Having bought and sold many homes across the country and in the U.S., I've never witnessed such a thorough home inspection as that performed by this inspector. I've now witnessed two of his home inspections --- mine and my daughters --- and saw firsthand how focused, detail-oriented and knowledgeable he is in his work. He  takes all the time needed to fully inspect the home. His inspection report is detailed, clear and concise. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone who is buying a home. ~ SW


Alex was very thorough and went above and beyond with the inspection, suggestions and advice. He was extremely friendly, helpful and clearly communicated so that we understood the inspection. I am confident is his inspection and would never consider using anyone else going forward. Could not have asked for better service. 100% satisfied. - Scott M

I liked the indepth review at the end, it broke down the items and had photo evidence as proof. I also really liked Bill's ability to simplify things and give easy to follow advice for followups. Overall it was a fantastic experience from start to finish. Booking was simple and quick. Bill arrived perfectly on time and finished the inspection in a very timely fashion. ~ Mehrdad H

The most important to me was the inspectors knowledge and communication skills which were excellent. Being a first time home buyer, it is at times very overwhelming and Dave took the time and communicated problems with the house very well and in a matter I could understand and relate to. Overall very impressed with every aspect of the home inspection and the inspector behind it. I personally wouldn't change anything about it, the inspection report is very well put together and laid out for future quick reference. ~ C. Coventry

He was very very nice! It's our first home and he was very insightful and explained thoroughly. He answered our questions and we felt very informed by the end of the inspection. He was also very funny and not stressful at all! Howie was very professional and so pleasant and we'd refer /use his services again anytime!

We could go on and on... but you get the idea If you would like to read hundreds more customer testimonials, please visit any of our inspector's webpages.


Top 10 'Building Services' Franchise in Canada

Named Top 10 in Building Services franchise catagory by Canadian Business Franchise  


Franchisees' Choice Awards

Canadian Residential Inspection Services was honoured to be a recipient of the Franchisees' Choice designation in the two years we participated, awarded by the Canadian Franchise Association at their (CFA) National Convention in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

The true strength of a franchise system lies in the mutually-rewarding relationship between the franchisor and its franchisees. Being a Franchisees' Choice designee is an honour and a vote of confidence because the high rankings in franchisee satisfaction come directly from the franchisees themselves."

"Being a Franchisees' Choice designee is a high honour," says Lorraine McLachlan, President & CEO, Canadian Franchise Association. "Because the program is voluntary, these franchise systems are to be commended for wanting to further examine the strength of the relationships they have with their franchisees and they are rightfully proud of achieving this designation."

Franchisees were asked to assess their franchisor by an independently-administered survey, in key areas of the franchise business model, including the franchisee selection process; franchisee information package; leadership; business planning and marketing; training and support; ongoing operations; and the relationship between the franchisor and franchisee.


How long has Canadian Residential Inspections Services Ltd been in the home inspections business?

Canadian Residential Inspections Services Ltd been operating since 1988.

How much is a franchise?

Franchises start at $24,500.00
*financing is available for a portion of the franchise fee, O.A.C.

What do I get for my money?

  1. Training that provides you with both academic and practical hours.
  2. The use of the company name and logos
  3. Use of a nationally verified reporting system
  4. On-going support
  5. The benefit of our 30+ years in the home inspection industry
  6. Access to developed advertising and marketing materials
  7. Marketing and public relations advice

What does the training include?

The extensive training is presented in two parts. The first part is a distance educational package which can be completed in your own home and is followed by a written exam. You can expect this portion of the training to take 250-300 hours.

The second part involves one-on-one, practical training in the field in Edmonton, Alberta. For B.C. students the practical training takes place in Vernon, BC.

How much are the monthly royalties?

There are no monthly royalties.

Will I require any other money to get into the business?

Yes. We advise you to expect an additional $15,000 to $20,000 in start-up costs.

Are there any monthly fees with the franchise?

There is a National Advertising Campaign and each territory contributes $100 per month for this advertising.

Can I run this business on a part-time basis?


Do territories already sold come up for resale?

Yes, occasionally, established territories become available. The price point for these active businesses is much higher than the original purchase price, generally a six figure amount. If you are interested in an area not currently available, email us ( (link sends e-mail)) and we will notify you if that territory comes up for resale.

Are there any Veterans benefits?

Canadian Residential Inspection Services Ltd. offers qualified Military Veterans up to $10,000 in discounts on required supplies during your first year in business.

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