Preparing for a Home Inspection

How to Prepare for a Home Inspection

When you sell your home, the process will almost always include a home inspection. Buyers get a home inspection to provide them with an objective second opinion about the condition of the property. A home inspector will be looking at the home from an unbiased perspective.
Preparing your home for the home inspection means that you are presenting it in its best condition and helping to prevent closing delays. When you’re going through the stress of selling your home you want the sale to go as smoothly as possible. Rather than having concerns revealed during the inspection and possibly jeopardizing the sale, it is best to complete repairs beforehand.  If you have any invoices or receipts for repairs or recent maintenance, such as the yearly check-up for your furnace, it is best to have them available.
A few items to address in your home include:
  • slow draining or clogged drains in sinks and any plumbing leaks 
  • a wet or damp basement
  • roofing issues which may cause a wet or damp attic
  • any electrical issues you have been having
  • a recent check-up for your heating system and air conditioning system
  • replace or repair any rotting wood on exterior windows and doors 
  • check to ensure that all the doors and windows function properly and lock correctly
  • repair any cracks or deterioration in the exterior masonry
  • trim back any trees or bushes from the roof and foundation 
It is important to keep in mind that the buyer will usually be accompanying the home inspector.  People will often clean their homes for a showing but neglect to do the same for the inspection.  
Preparing the day before the home inspection:
  • thoroughly clean the house
  • make sure that all pilot lights are lit
  • leave all interior doors unlocked
  • if the attic hatch is inside a closet remove clothing as insulation occasionally falls from the hatch during the attic inspection
  • plan to leave the house for at least 3 hours 
  • remove any pets from the property or secure them in crates

Make sure that there is unobstructed access to and clear workspace around the following areas:

  • Attic hatch
  • Electrical panel
  • Furnace
  • Main water line
  • Hot water tank
  • Air exchanger
As an added step during Covid, sellers please wipe bathroom and kitchen fixtures, light switches, toilet handles and doorknobs with a sanitizing wipe before the inspection. 

We ask that all household members vacate the premises. If anyone in the household is ill or is quarantining at the property due to travel or exposure to a known Covid case, we kindly ask that you reschedule the home inspecton for the safety of all parties.