New Home Owner Inspections

In most locations in Canada, the real estate market has been a Seller’s market. This type of market happens when there is a shortage of listings meaning more buyers than houses to choose from. This often results in higher prices on properties and multiple bid offers which give Sellers the power to reject any conditional offers. Buyers are all too often removing the home inspection condition in fear of losing the bid.

If you’ve purchased a home without a home inspection, it’s not too late to schedule.

A ‘New Owner Inspection’ with Canadian Residential will help you determine the current condition of the property and highlight items of concern allowing you to decide the best course of action. While many items can be added to a future to-do list, all too often there are small issues that can quickly become big issues without immediate attention.  

Our home inspectors use the latest technology and their extensive training to access your home with an expert’s eye. We also educate you on the inner workings of your new home and help you understand future maintenance requirements to help you maintain your investment.

Contact one of our professional inspectors today for more information or to schedule an inspection.