Home Inspection

What is a Home Inspection?


A home inspection is a visual inspection of the accessible internal and external aspects of the property. This includes systems such as surface grading and drainage, roofing, insulation, ventilation, chimneys, exterior siding, windows and doors, structural integrity, foundation, electrical and plumbing.

Peace of Mind

A detailed and thorough home inspection by a qualified, objective professional dispells buyer's anxiety, especially for those who have little experience in the construction industry. It's money well-invested and gives the buyer an honest, unbiased report before they purchase.

To know what you're buying before you own it will give you peace of mind during this difficult process.


Our inspectors must complete a comprehensive, intensive course which includes both classroom instruction and field training along with written examinations upon completion. Our inspectors exceed industry standards.

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The Perfect Home?

The perfect home does not exist. This is an important consideration when purchasing a home and arranging for an inspection. Fortunately, many of the problems can be fairly minor and they are all repairable. Some minor problems you may be able to live with, however there are situations which could be financially disastrous. It is important for you to be aware of the problems so that you can make an informed decision when purchasing a home.

Our inspectors are all highly trained and will help you gather the information you require to make your decision. The inspection gives you the knowledge and the understanding to feel confident making your purchase.

Protect Your Investment

Purchasing a home is the single most expensive purchase most of us will make in our lifetime. Smart buyers start this process with their eyes wide open. When you walk through a house you have a multitude of concerns that may include everything from whether the rooms are large enough for your furniture, to the location of neighbourhood schools, to the amount of wear and tear on the carpets. You are considering whether this home will be right for your family and if the price fits into your budget. It is an emotional procedure and is often stressful. You need an objective, unbiased and professional opinion on the condition of the property to provide you with additional information.

January 2016
Home Inspection

The Inspection Report

The inspection report is one of the most important aspects of the home inspection process. It is imperative to have a professional, clear, comprehensive reporting system. Canadian's detailed reporting system is designed for customer presentation. A concise, step-by-step format will help ensure that the details have been addressed in the inspection. The easy to read report design makes it user-friendly for the consumer.

The report also includes a scope which ensures that you understand what our service covers.

We are aware that in many real estate transactions time can make a difference. The design of our system enables you to receive your inspection report immediately upon completion of the inspection to avoid any delays.

About Home Inspections

Home inspections began as a consumer service in the early 1970's in direct response to the growing demand by home buyers to learn about the condition of a house prior to purchase. It is a unique discipline, distinct from construction, engineering or municipal building inspection and requires special training.

A home inspection can relieve your worries or confirm your worst fears. It can even provide you with information for further negotiations on the price of the property.

Buyer Be Informed

Why use a Canadian Residential inspector?

As more and more Canadian home buyers seek the peace of mind and security that comes with a professional home inspection, Canadian Residential Inspection Services has established itself as a trusted name in a booming industry.


With hard work, attention to detail and commitment to providing an unbeatable, top-quality service, we have built our company into a leader in the home inspection field.


Serving Canada's home inspection needs since 1988. Canadian Residential home inspectors are fully trained, licensed* and insured.

* in legislated jurisdictions


Rest assured, you will have all of the information you need in order to make an informed decision before you buy.

Getting Started

An important first step in locating a home that is right for you can be to find a professional realtor who is committed to helping you reach your goal. Once you locate a home that you are willing to purchase they will recommend that you consult a professional home inspection company to ensure that you know what you're purchasing. If you have a good agent they will want you to be fully satisfied with your home. Satisfaction with your purchase is closely linked to the degree of satisfaction you have with your agent. Real estate agents, lawyers and other professionals involved in the industry often recommend a home inspection as part of an effort to follow disclosure requirements.